Google Play Store Android Forum for all Developers

Finally, an Android Forum is open for developers who can now interact with the people leaving comments for their apps. At one time, only a few chosen developers in the play store were allowed to respond to the user feedback left for their apps. Now however, Google has allowed all Android developers to reply to user feedbacks and comments on the Play store.

Once a user has commented, the user receives feedback in the form of an email, allowing the users to respond directly by email and then they can update the review on their apps accordingly. This was initiated when Google started linking Play Store comments and reviews to user’s Google+ accounts, which improved the quality of reviews by making the Android users accountable for their feedback.

Google Earth Android Updated App using 3D Map technology

On April 22, 2013, Google Earth launched its latest Android version, 7.1. The new Google Android version has been updated to benefit from the new 3D Map technology. The visuals are automatically created from a 45 degree perspective and the aerial imagery and can pick up 3D elements automatically. The cities and regions can be explored using this view. The new features that have been rolled out include:

  • Google Maps Street View: The users can explore the regions at street level. Users will simply need to zoom into the area they want to explore, and pegman will appear in the right hand corner. Users need to then drag and drop the pegman onto the street in order to see the street view

7 Things You Should Know About Agile Development

  1. Agile can be best described as an approach to software development and project management in comparison to the old methods of software development such as waterfall. Agile methodology is an iterative method in which the requirements are eloquently gathered from the users or external customers during the development process. Agile methodology does not accentuate the traditional way of planning. The solutions are rather continuously delivered, tested and developed. Hence, the solutions are delivered in iterations to the user. The goal behind this is to get a prompt feedback from the user rather than holding on to a predestined plan. This approach enables flexible modifications in a solution as opposed to the traditional method of planning in which changes to a solution are discouraged during the development of a project. Thus, an agile approach emphasizes teamwork and engages client’s contribution throughout the development process rather than just at the beginning.

5 Steps to Run a Successful Holiday Campaign

As holiday season comes around the corner, a race among the businesses start to get advertised on famous blogs and sponsoring these blogs through holiday tenure. Appropriate advertisement and sponsoring such blogs is good approach to leverage more traffic therefore ensure to choose the right platform. To get best bang out of your bucks we have 5 simple tips for you.

Jot down potential Blogs

The most difficult point is “ where to start?” but you have to deal with because there are plethora of blogs available. All you have to do is to think out of the box. Try to kick off with keeping your audience ‘s mood in your mind and marketing tools with they are in contact.

History of Android OS, from Cupcake to Jelly Bean

From Cupcake to Jelly Bean – A brief history of Google’s Android Operating System

Since the introduction of Android in 2007, Google’s flagship open-source OS for mobiles, the dynamics of the mobile phone industry have changed completely. A new mobile ecosystem, consisting of Android apps and mobile hardware has evolved at a rapid pace, challenging traditional market leaders like Apple, Nokia and Blackberry. If you ever wondered how this game-changing mobile OS has evolved over the years, then please read on. However, bear in mind that Google has an odd, albeit humorous, way of codenaming its Android OS products after mouthwatering desserts, so if you have a sweet tooth, we suggest that you find something sugary to enjoy while reading this post!

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