7 Essential Apps for Business

7 Essential Apps for Business

Smart phones are everywhere and imports of smart phones have grown to roughly five times the volume of other types, including Blackberry. App developers are busy developing apps by the thousands for all these new mobile devices and apps are being sold by the millions for personal and business uses through the app store and Google Play.

It can get confusing to choose a right app for your business among the plethora of apps in the app store. While App Store Optimization is becoming an art in itself, it is important to have the “must-have” apps on any new smart phone. We look at 7 of the most useful apps for the business user.


Square Square turns your phone in to a credit card reader machine. With the small device provided by Square, your phone becomes a merchant’s machine instantly, with the ability to accept payments from credit cards. Its very simple to configure, and accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express. Since there is no need to apply for a merchant account with a credit card company, which can be a time consuming process, Square is a real time saver for start-ups. There are no additional charges besides the 2.75% for each swipe.


BumpPay BumpPay just bump your phone with friend’s phone which has a PayPal account set up and and transfer money without any typing. This is really helpful for quick transactions as it saves a lot of time which would have been spent in typing.


DropBox DropBox makes your files accessible from almost every location without any hassles. Businesses and individuals can share files, documents, photos and videos at multiple locations by just dragging into a dropbox folder. Just install
DropBox on your computer or phone and drag and drop the file in it and access it wherever you need it. It is a cloud based service which is extremely popular due to its simplicity and usability.

Quick Office

Quick Office Quick Office is a suite that handles Microsoft Office documents across several platforms like Android, iPhone and Symbian. It has recently been acquired by Google so let’s see what new features and integrations turns up with this product. Commentators suggest that this partnership will give an edge to both companies in the market for mobile apps as users will be able to edit documents wherever they are with this suite on their your phone.


FatStax FatStax is an app which assists sales representatives. This apps combines PDF files, Power Point presentations, HD images and videos. This app has an edge over others in that it works offline so you don’t need a wireless connection, for example in sales meetings.
Skype, a name almost every computer user is familiar with, is even more useful and usable on your phone? Skype mobile supports all voice and video calls. With normal phone use however, it is best to keep it offline to save battery and bandwidth.


Ego Ego is an app that helps online business owners to keep track of visits to their website. It gives you statistics on monthly, weekly, daily and hourly basis. It also shows you the twitter followers and FaceBook fans stats.
With so many amazing apps available to the business user, go ahead and start with our list and add to it to customize your iPhone or Android phone to match your needs.